metal deep drawing

Metal Deep Drawing

We started our process with a blank sheet of metal and pressed it into a cup shape mold. In the process, the blank of the metal plate is gradually formed into three dimensional shape, forming a forming die by the mechanical action of the stamping parts. According to the desired depth and diameter, the punch and die become narrower and narrower, and then through the rest of the process to form the required components. Deep drawing can produce complex, precision, symmetrical and asymmetrical parts, these parts are usually more solid than base material used for the product, this is due to appear in drawing process of work hardening.

We use cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass to produce durable, high quality deep stamping parts for aerospace, medical, battery, electronics and industrial markets.

Custom metal stamping, deep drawing metal shell, motor housing, sensor housing, dc motor housing, solenoid shell, die stamping.

Metal Deep Drawing Products

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