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We are engaged in fluid purification separation filter components research and production of filter, as silk processing enterprise, is located in China's largest production base of wire mesh, raw materials procurement is superior to other competitive enterprises, perfect combination stamping tensile parts, designs and manufactures custom products. There are many kinds of products, which are widely used in industrial water treatment, biological medicine, petrochemical industry, food and beverage, metallurgical power and so on.

Metal filter has smooth surface, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant, basically do not produce contraction, stretch, not easy be particle plugging, reusable, easy to clean, long service life. The material is copper, tin, bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel.

The filter design requires complete structure, maximum pore diameter, high capacity of nano pollution, fatigue cycle of flow resistance, high axial strength and high flattening strength.

Not limited to filters extended to other stretching products used in production, such as kitchen supplies, household goods. Unlimited production capacity, product diversity, meet customer's demand for customized products.

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