Basket Strainers

The basket strainers inserts a hollow body (called a strainer) in the path of the fluid flow, parallel to the fluid, forcing the fluid through the filter medium. The size of the mesh depends on the type of fluid being filtered and the size of the impurities, which can provide a very high degree of separation.

Cone & Spherical Filters

Cone filters have a higher differential pressure than other types of filters. The load is also unevenly distributed because the flow is directed to the central part of the filter.These filters can be made in almost any size and specification, using a variety of materials. Inlining is usually placed in a fluid flow and is usually used for high-speed fluid flow applications.

Cylinder Filters

Cylinder filters are widely used in industry, using stainless steel mesh to weld into a different size tube, for air and liquid filtration. Includes a perforated metal cylinder that supports one or more layers of very fine wire mesh, which can be connected to both ends of the tube by wrapping or welding process.

Pleated Filters

Filters need to be small, but maintain a high percentage of open areas to be efficient. This means lower pressure, greater compaction and longer lasting life. One way to do this is to use a pleated filter.Pleated filters is supported by the central support core and provides a cylindrical cartridge with more than twice the effective filtration area.

Filter Disc Screen

Filter disc with the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, the filter plate can be used in chemical fiber industry, oil industry and electroplating industry. In addition, it can also be used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration of rubber, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and mechanical fields.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filter is fission filter funnel,easy to use and easy to clean. Conical double filter overlay food-grade stainless steel wire mesh, the outer is burr etching the mesh, the inner layer is of high precision stainless steel twill woven mesh, welded into a conical funnel.

Last Chance Filters

CTMESH designs high quality last chance filters that are installed before expensive valves and equipment to prevent large particles from causing failure. These filters will provide the key components that will eventually be protected from inbuilt and system-generated pollution - the last chance filters are often used as a barrier.

Custom Filtration

Filtering is a critical part of many manufacturing processes, and in today's modern manufacturing plants, we see more and more customized filtering to meet the specific needs of each organization. In order to maintain the integrity of the product, it is necessary to clearly design and specify them to meet the needs of each application.

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