Basket Strainers

CTMESH basket strainers is widely used in industry, medicine and life, and is welded to a different size basket using stainless steel mesh to separate solid and liquid. A well-designed basket strainers, including a perforated metal cylinder, supports one or more layers of very fine wire mesh.

In order to increase the structural strength of the basket strainers, filter basket also can use two perforated cylinder manufacturing, one of them or multilayer thin line net sandwiched between them, reduced the open areas, making very fine filtering impurities.

The basket strainers inserts a hollow body (called a strainer) in the path of the fluid flow, parallel to the fluid, forcing the fluid through the filter medium. The size of the mesh depends on the type of fluid being filtered and the size of the impurities, which can provide a very high degree of separation.

Basket strainers is easy to remove and replace.They must be regularly cleaned or backwashed to prevent material buildup - which will gradually affect the performance of the filter.

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Basket Strainers Material

   . stainless steel
   . brass
   . Aluminum
   . stainless steel titanium coating

Basket Strainers Products

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