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Cone & Spherical Filters

CTMESH supplies cone filters and spherical filters, which are widely used in many industries. These filters can be made in almost any size and specification, using a variety of materials. Inlining is usually placed in a fluid flow and is usually used for high-speed fluid flow applications.

The design of the cone filter consists of a perforated cone that supports one or more fine lines according to the filtering requirements. Witch hat filters are the most common cone-shaped filters in industry because they are designed and filtered well.

However, cone filters have a higher differential pressure than other types of filters. The load is also unevenly distributed because the flow is directed to the central part of the filter.

The design of a spherical filter consists of a circle, cylinder or flange, which supports one or more hemispherical thin wire meshes according to filtration requirements, usually connected by welding or extrusion processes.

This type of filter cleans the fluid, when it needs to be cleaned, just remove the strainer, replace it with new or clean and load the pipe.

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Cone & Spherical Filters Material

   . stainless steel
   . brass
   . Aluminum
   . stainless steel titanium coating

Cone & Spherical Filters Products

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